A record-breaking scuba diver and an enthusiastic filmmaker, Anna Kozlova combines a love for the underwater world and a passion for visual storytelling in her work.

In her childhood she spent her days in Crimea, researching the shallow waters of the Black Sea with mask and fins. On a good day she could find a crab or a needlefish hiding in a stone crack.

After her daughter Alexandra was born, Anna became a full-time scuba diver and since then her life started to be closely linked with the underwater environment. Her first open water dive in the Red Sea led to a series of endless personal discoveries and development.

As a qualified technical diver she set the depth record among women in Russia as well as participated in multiple wreck and cave diving expeditions.

Her background in biochemistry and molecular biology paved the way for her interest in marine biology and underwater life. She actively participates in projects raising awareness about coral reef ecosystems.

Anna sees her mission as sharing underwater worlds in the form of documentary films. She writes, directs and films her documentaries as well as works as an underwater cinematographer on other projects. Anna also writes articles and is available for public speaking on the topics of underwater filmmaking.