Anna is a co-founder of a mobile science center CORAL TRUCK. It's dedicated to educational and conservational purposes. Being a mobile museum, Coral Truck travels in different countries, spreading the knowledge about fragile marine ecosystems.
In collaboration with her colleague Andrey Alexandrov, Anna filmed 3D stereo underwater video, which was put in the basis of Coral Truck virtual exposition.
Currently, Coral Truck is located in Moscow, Russia and is preparing for the world tour. Learn more about the project here.

A hand-made 3D underwater video rig
Red Sea, Dahab
Alive coral polyps show green flourescence under blue light of certain spectrum. This picture showing an Acropora coral was taken on a night dive during a series of underwater shooting for Coral Truck project.

Red Sea, Dahab
SCUBATLON is a project dedicated to conservation and reintroducing coral reefs. It consist of 3 parts: SCUBATLON Open Cup - an international competition among certified SCUBA-divers for the best buoyancy skills, SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER - an educational course for certified divers about the best conservation techniques underwater and an educational program for volunteers interested in coral restoration and reintroducing.
Anna is a SCUBATLON Ambassador and a representative of the project in Eastern & Central Europe.
Learn more about the SCUBATLON here.

The Blue Lake in Kabardino-Balkaria is an interesting natural phenomena. Located in a rural area of Kavkaz mountains, the lake was always surrounded with mistery. No fish lives in it's 8 degree clear water and no one exactly knows how deep the lake is. The Blue Lake project was an attempt to find out how the bottom of the lake looks like and to measure it's depth.

Anna is an author of multiple publications about decompression theory and SCUBA-diving. She served as an underwater cinematographer for the series of TV programs on Russian TV.
Some of her articles (in Russian) can be found here.
TV programs made with Anna's underwater footage are here.

Deep diving on Red Sea
The Blue Hole is a documentary about famous diving spot in Dahab, Red Sea. Anna participated in filming of this movie as an underwater cinematographer. The movie itself can be found here

The Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt
A Soviet submarine L-24 dissapeared underwater in 1942, during WWII operation in Bolgaria. She was found by chance 67 years later laying on a Black Sea floor at 50 m depth. The russian-bolgarian diving expedition was organised to prove that found submarine is really L-24.

Unidentified Kittyhawk P-40 WWII plane found in Black Sea

Admiral Nakhimov - the Russian Titanik

As a national depth record holder Anna was awarded

Golden Dolphin dive-show